Friday, 3 April 2009

Trades 03/Apr/2009

A bit of a mixed bag today, but still a profitable day.

TM (gap up)

Bullish first then shallow retrace in upper part of OR. Long off 7th off ema. Closed partial at 1R which was near OR high then rest came back to breakeven.

RIMM (gap up)

Bullish first then retrace before consolidation base from 4th candle onwards. Long off NR7 6th candle. Stopped out for a loss in next few candles.

NVS (gap down)

Gap down then fall thru OR on 2nd. The 3rd and 4th stay below OR. The 4th being a NR7 pullback to OR. This is our short trigger. Didn't work out and stopped out for a loss.

KGC (fall thru previous day's low)

Weak price action below previous days' low. OR break on the 5th candle and then pullback with NR3 off ema on 7th. This is our short trigger. Closed partial at 1R and then rest at end of day for around 2R.

BMY (gap down)

Fall below OR after gap down then sideways consolidation below OR. The 6th NR7 is our short trigger. A bit of a slow grind this, but eventually reached 1R for partial then rest was closed at end of day also at around 1R.

AKAM (gap down)

Gap down then trend down past OR. The 4th is NR pullback off OR low and is our short trigger. Fell nicely after entry and took partial at 1R. The rest came back to stop at breakeven

The NVS trade was a Tradestation one and I've been having some problems with their trades listing, so I haven't shown that loss below. Anyway, hope you had a good day and have a good weekend.

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bl said...

Nice trades. RIMM: I knew everybody and their brother would be there and of course the stock doesn't budge much. Did a coffee trade(scalp) and wanted to get back in but held off knowing it would be a tight range day.

TL said...

What made you hesitate on 4th bar of KGC? 2nd bar? I really thought you take that entry when I looked at my chart.

I think you break your 6 trade a day record with the ES~

Good trading.

TraderAm said...


Yes, I just missed it as I was watching other stocks at the time. It was the better entry for sure. The 5th bar was weak so I didn't chase it and waited for a pullback.