Monday, 6 April 2009

Trades 06/Apr/2009


SBAC (gap down)

Bearish first off prev day's low. Fall thru OR then sideways consolidation beneath. The 8th is NR7 off ema and OR low is our short trigger. Closed partial at whole number near 1R then rest came back for breakeven.

OXY (gap down)

Recover to ema on 3rd followed by weak 4th which is breakout of OR. The 6th is NR3,NR7 is pullback to ema and is our short trigger. Closed partial at 1R and then rest at 3R which was just over a $1 gain.

EMR (fall thru prev day low)

Messed up this trade on trade management. Sideways action at OR low after bearish first candle. The 7th is OR breakout and this is confirmed on the 8th. Initially the price action looked good as it fell to $30 level. I thought it hit $30.02 which was my first take partial level, but the order never filled and I didn't bother to check for confirmation as I usually do since I was about to go out. So in end it stopped out for a loss.

--------Fib and RValues


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TL said...

Traded EMR too (6/ 15), and mismanaged too... Hesitated to exit at break of 13th bar, hoping a brief pullback and a run below FE, only to exit at break of 15th bar... So you are not alone...