Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Trades 22/Apr/2009

GILD (gap up)

Strong first is followed by consolidation at upper end of the OR. The 7th is off ema and OR high and is our long trigger. Looked good initially but then it never followed thru and came back to stop us out for a loss.

No other trades. I did have order for GD long but wasn't filled. Other than that nothing much was convincing enough for me to trade.


Anonymous said...

oye bassi:

AMTI short.. Making mucho money here

Josh said...

Hi Anon:
What gives? Can you post your trades on days you are not making "mucho" money? Didn't think so! Josh

greytrader said...

I seriously doubt you traded AMTI... ATMI maybe :-)

TraderAm said...


Yes anon, how about some trade analysis so that readers can learn something. That is what the blog is mostly about.

ageman22 said...

TraderAM, just wanted to thank you for all your posts. They have been very helpful.