Thursday, 23 April 2009

Trades 23/Apr/2009

Tricky choppy day today.

BDX (gap down)

Bearish first two bars then pullback with narrowing candles. The 3rd is NRB and IB and is our short trigger. Didn't follow thru howver and stopped out for a loss.

PKG (gap down)

Gap down is followed by recovery as it fills gap before encountering resistance of previous day's lows. The 5th is off ema and previous day low and closes weak. This is our short trigger. Was hoping it would at least get to the OR, but instead it just got stuck in range for rest of day. Closed at 1R towards the end of the day.

VMW (gap down)

Gap down then fall and recover back to the OR range. The 6th breaks the OR again and closes weak off the ema. This is our short trigger. It didn't really do much after entry. Took partial at 1R then rest at end of day for minor gain.

So overall a small profit day. Choppy market today so no surprise that the stocks didn't really follow thru. Hope you had a good day.


------------Fib and Rvalues ----------------


Anonymous said...

Oye bassi:

Long Ebay
Short WGOV

can't believe making money is so easy

TraderAm said...

....gotta laugh...

greytrader said...

At least he got his stock ticker right today :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi TraderAM,
Check out GR.
I entered (a bot aggressively) after the 10th for a home run trade that basically saved my day. Could have entered off the 11th w/o a problem as well.
I also tried VMW like you and got burned from UPS.
Hang in there, it is earnings season and thing can be wild...

TraderAm said...

fir3ant...nice trade on GR.