Monday, 27 April 2009

Trades 27/Apr/2009

Just one trade to blog about today.

WHR(gap up)

Strong first then consolidation as it finds ema support before breaking out of OR on the 8th. Then we have pullback with OR acting as support on the 10th NR7. This is our entry trigger. Never got going as it came back hard and we were stopped out for a loss.

No other trades for me today. I did have long order in GD but it blew past my limit price and never got filled. Another one was Yhoo, but it was too close to the Fib Ext for my liking.

Hope you had a good day.


adrian enzastiga said...

I have found your blog to very useful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hey bassi:

i had WHR in my radar too but % looked too high for such a company so gave a pass..played the mexican scare trade..EWW & FMX..also saw a textbook bassi (traderX?) setup in CCL.
market is bad for daytraders but skillful ones like me still make mucho money..
total 5R