Friday, 24 April 2009

Trades 24/Apr/2009

IR (Move up thru Previous Day High)

Strong first is followed by break off OR then retrace back to ema and OR acting as support. The 5th and 6th are successive NR7 candles and the latter is our long entry trigger. Trended up nicely after entry to reach the Fib Ext where I closed partial. The rest was closed towards end of day at 1$ gain (around 3.5R). Nice trending stock this one.

EOG (gap up)

Weak first is followed by strength as it breaks above OR then restests it on the 5th. This is our long trigger. Didn't really do much after than and just went sideways. Closed towards end of day for around breakeven. Maybe a bit of a subpar setup this one as the trigger candle was just an standard green rather than NR or IB for example.

No other trades for me as I didn't have time, but I'd imagine there were quite a few uptrending stocks to choose from. Hope you had a good day and have a good weekend.

-----Fib and RValues ----------------------


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Anonymous said...

Oye Bassi:

WL long
RVBD long.

and some say i am just lucky!