Friday, 22 May 2009

Trades 22/May/2009

Wasn't able to trade today. I am kind of having a rethink about my overall strategy with regards to trading partly due to how things have been going and also due to some potential changes at work.

I'll maybe post something more over the weekend on this if I have time.

Hope you had a good day. Also markets are closed on Monday, so have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

As a new trader, I will be very interested to read your comments rethinking your overall strategy

Regards ;)


Anonymous said...

hey traderam: i see that you have started usinh tradestation. This platform is 99/month unless 5000 shares+ are traded. I know there charting is topnotch but what is your opinion?? is their any advantage for your style of trading??

TraderAm said...

With regards to Tradestation..
Their charting is good but so is QT and I don't have complex charts anyway, so it's no major difference either way.

Their strength lies more in the scanning area in my view. The ability to scan realtime for various setups including ones which you can code yourself. So NR3,NR7 pullbacks, OR breakouts etc can all be coded.

Trading > 5000 shares per month is not a major obstacle, so the platform is free effectively.

As a broker they are good as well. The area where IB is better though is their universal account which allows trading shares and futures from one account. You can't do that with Tradestation.

Anonymous said...

if you buy & sell 100 shares, do they count as 200 or only 100 for fee purposes on tradestation..thx

TraderAm said...


Anonymous said...


For clarification, how would your account(s) have to be setup with TS in order to trade both stocks and futures? Would it require 2 separate accounts - one for stocks and a second for futures? Thanks.

TraderAm said...


Yes, you would have to have two separate accounts, one to trade stocks and one to trade futures.

Although there is no restriction on charting. So you can have an equities accounts and still have have charts of futures available.


Anonymous said...

regards coding for NR in tradestation it any good or just like tradeideas it thrwows out more garbage hence worthless

TraderAm said...

You can't just code a NR and trade it. There will be just too many. Either you need to make your setup more specific or have a smaller watchlist.