Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Trades 26/May2009

PNW (gap up)

Strong first is followed by OR break then sideways consolidation above OR. The 8th is NR7 off OR and ema. This is our long trigger. Did ok but no major follow thru on long side. Closed at end of day for just above 1R.

RIMM (rise above previous day high)

I was going to ditch this as it didn't close above the PDH in first candle. But the 2nd and 3rd candles showed continued strength and market was very strong so I left it in my watchlist. The 5th is NR3 pullback and is our long trigger. A bit aggressive on this entry as a better setup was in the consolidation which followed. But anyway, closed partial at around $1 gain and then rest at end of day also around the same level.

TD (rise thru prev day high)

Trend up with after first candle is followed by sideways consolidation as it gains ema support. The 9th is green hammer like off ema and closing strong. This is our long trigger. Closed partial at 2R then left rest to run. This was closed towards end of day for around 4R.

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Day Tradr said...

Very nice trades

Anonymous said...

rollin in dough..how did you get TD in your scan..

TraderAm said...

Thanks Day Tradr.

Anon > From Tradestation scan. It was also in the IB scan I think.

Kat Bay said...

Well done. That must give you a bit of a boost in a less than great month. A tip of the hat to you.

Anonymous said...

Excellent day.

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Ivan in NYC
Congratulation on the trades today and the great blog.
I was wondering if on the PNW trade you could of entered on the 6th bar which is NR6, closes strong and is off OR?

OONR7 said...

you're a dangerous man when you start to rethink things :)
Awesome results.

TraderAm said...

Kat > Yes a good day in a rubbish month.

Thanks Jim

TraderAm said...


Glad you like the blog. Yes the 6th bar on PNW is a good setup. In fact I did have an order in off that bar, but it never triggered so I pulled it. Then re-entered two bars late.

TraderAm said...


Thanks. But I haven't finished my rethink yet lol. Maybe I need to rethink my rethink.