Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Trades 27/May/2009

APOL (fall thru prev day low)

Fall thru prev day low on first then OR break on 3rd. The 5th is NR bar off ema as it pulls back and is our short trigger. Partial at just past 2R as Fib Ext was near then rest was closed at $1 gain on trailing stop.

CEPH (fall thru prev day low)

Trend down with ema past Fib ext then pullback with NR bar 11th. This was our short trigger. Closed at breakeven after the hammer candle 2 bars later.

MON (gap down)

Initial retrace is followed by trend down the ema. The 5th is NR bar pullback and is our short trigger. Never followed thru and stopped out for a loss.

X (gap up)

Trend up with ema past OR. The 7th is off the OR and ema and closes strong. This is our long trigger. Closed partial near Fib Ext and then rest at 1R on trailing stop.

------Daily Stats---------------------------


Anonymous said...

Another good day for you. Roughly how many stocks did you get today in your fall through and rise through tradestation scan?

TraderAm said...

About 20 in total

Anonymous said...

Do you scan using the all stocks in tradestation scanner?

steve said...

Glad to see you having a good run. You traded Apol 5th bar b/d. Why did you not trade ceph 4th bar b/d? It was pretty much the same set-up, NR7 off ema, no? Also, would you have traded MON 10th bar b/d? Thanks

OONR7 said...

apol was nice off the :10 early on. I actually had a chance to get in late on MON but just decided to stay on the sidelines. Great trades and a nice rebound week.

TraderAm said...


CEPH was a good setup, but the Fib Ext was too close, that is the only reason I passed on it. Would have worked out ok as well.

MON 10th bar is ok setup as is the 12th.

00nr7 > Thx.