Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Trades 01/July/2009

A losing day to start the month. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

MYGN (gap down)

Trend down after the first showing weaker than the market. The 8th is NR7 closing weak below OR and is our short trigger. Looked good intially then came back to stop out for loss.

HNZ (gap up)

Strong first then OR break on 2nd, Sideways consolidation to the ema where we gain support. The 7th is green hammer closing stromg off ema and is our long trigger. Looked good as it got to 1R but never got any further. Closed at end of day for minor gain.

BWA (gap up)

Stronf first then pullback to ema support. The 4th is OR break and then we pullback on next two candles. The 6th is NR3 IB off ema and is our long trigger. Never got going and came back to stop us out for a loss.

No other trades for me. There were some other setups but Fib Ext was too close so i left them alone. Hope you had a good day.

The BWA trade was on Tradestation and I don't have the trade log handy at the moment, so just take my word for it :-)

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bl said...

Alot of the food stocks up with GIS