Thursday, 2 July 2009

Trades 02/July/2009

As mentioned in a previous post, I wasn't trading today. Tomorrow is holiday, so have a good long weekend and hope today went well if you did trade.


Josh said...

Today sucks big time. Market dropped like a lead, and I manage to lose money. Knowing you, could have racked up a few R's today. I hope you can help me with this questions: If your entry is $.05-$.10 cents from a round number, do you pass on the trade, and wait for a triiger bar above/below it? Thanks, Josh

TraderAm said...


Yes in most cases I would not enter or sometimes I have my trigger price further past the round number e.g. $17.05

romi said...

Hi traderAm
I assume you also trade setups like "deep Pullback", "perfect pullback", retake and others( X style)
I was wondering whether these setups are valid for gap ups and gap downs to the same extent ?

TraderAm said...


I do trade pullbacks, but mostly when they are outside the OR. X-Style trades are valid on gap ups and downs as far as I am aware.