Monday, 6 July 2009

Trades 06/July/2009

Not much follow thru today in choppy market day. Hope you had a good day and here are my two trades.

MDR (gap down)

Bearish first then fall thru OR on 2nd. The 3rd is weak off OR low and is our short trigger. Looked good initially as it got to 1R, but then came back for breakeven.

CAM (gap down)

Fall thru OR on 4th then retrace with red hammer off OR low and ema. This 9th is our short trigger. Just went sideways for rest of day. Closed in last session for minor loss. Call it 0.5R loss.

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Eyal said...

Hi TraderAm,
i wanted to know if you filter setups according to the OR size?
and if you do what is the minimum.

TraderAm said...

Hello Eyal.

Don't specifcally filter based on OR size. Just eyeball charts and if the first candle is excessively long compared to previous day's range then I usually remove it from watchlist. A bit discretionary and depends on watchlist size as well.