Thursday, 4 February 2010

Trades 04/Feb/2010

BHI (gap down)

Bearish first then retracement back to OR. The 6th is NR3 pullback off ema and closing weak past the OR low. Didn't really do much after entry as it chopped sideways and almost stopped out. Closed partial near whole number as it fell in last session then rest came back to breakeven.

Couldn't find other trades today. There were plenty of stocks in the red, but the heavy falls in first 30mins don't really suit my strategy as most of the move has already happened and the Fib Ext hit. Hope you did well today.

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bl said...

just 3 with 2nd inside bar short on 10 min chart: ma cree mww aro. premkt news set the tone. maybe better to use 5 min charts with a WL of different sector stocks. it's all over in 30 min for the most part and to build up a gap WL is pretty useless in extreme market conditions, imo.

bl said...

30 min charts do well

TraderAm said... are probably right bl.