Thursday, 11 February 2010

Trades 11/Feb/2010

NSC (move up thru prev day's high)

Bullish first and trending up. Then sideways pullback to ema support. The 7th is long tail bullish candle and is our long trigger. Didn't really do much for rest of day, but market was strong so worth holding on to. Closed in last session as it got to 1R.

No other trades for me today. I liked AEM as a long but missed the setup and it took off without me. Hope you had a good day.

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bl said...

A have a 200 stock WL from differentgroups:air,coal,oil,solar,retail,homes,tech,rails,steel,banks,insr,health,bio,trans,schools,premkt ideas(like LEN).One can see the group rally/selloff. Monday=homes Tuesday=airlines. Today it was commodities with rail/coal/steel/gaming leading at the open. Really amazing. First time I've done this Group Rotation idea. Playing gaps seems to be less profitable unless it's a flat market.