Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Trades 17/Feb/2010

ECA (move up thru prev day high)

Strong initial price action then retrace to 50% fib (open to high). The 7th is bullish retake of the OR and closes strong. This is our long trigger. maybe not the best setup due to upper tails on prev candles. Anyway stopped out for loss.

SRE (move down thru prev day low)

Bearish first then retrace to OR with bearish upper tails. The 5th is weak red closing near it's lows and is our short trigger. Chopped around for most of day before falling into last session. Closed near end of day at whole number (around 1R).

Won't be trading tomorrow. So catch you on Friday.

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bl said...

6/30 min SRE chart looked good. long WFMI first 5 min stopped out just to see it ramp CRAZY trade: various 10/15/30 min entries. SNDK 2/10 had alot of interest. SSYS PERY UCTT. NAZ screen: adv>1mil, >$9, most % up: wfmi sndk disca ceco rovi ggwpq looks interesting