Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Trades 24/Feb/2010

AMT (move thru prev day low)

Bearish first then further wakenss before retrace. The 3rd is inside bar NR3 pullback off whole number and is our short trigger. Looked good after next candle, but just didn't have enough to get to 1R. Came back strong and stopped out for a loss.

No other trades for me today. Hope you did better.

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andi said...

DLTR was picture perfect..i got stopped out too early at the NR..but great move there..

Kat Bay said...

Traded AMT as well. There is just no accounting for an up surge like that. Traded D on the break of the seventh thereafter, but got out before it would take me to -1R. Tough month.

bl said...

Shorts can be a difficult animal with covering to boot, AND the market reversing at 10:20Interesting nasdaq rockets: gtls pzza fdml vphm bgcp mcrl//ndsn rimm adsk dltr 4/15 2/30