Friday, 30 April 2010

Trades 30/Apr/2010

BCS (gap down)

After gap down we have a recovery but it doesn't last long. The 3rd is off the whole number and is an OR breakout. The 4th is recovery, but then the 5th offsets this with OR break again. This is our short trigger. It falls nicely, but still choppy sideways as we go thru the day. Closed in last session near the 1R level. Call it a 1/2R gain for the stats.

No other trades for me today. Have updated the performance table for April, which was another sluggish month. Also I have been reviewing some of my trading recently and in some cases I may have been a bit over-cautious in certain circumstances. So I think I will be looking to trade a bit more in May in terms of number of trades per day and see how that works.

Monday is holiday in UK, so I will be back trading on Tuesday. Have a good one.

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