Friday, 9 July 2010

Trades 09/July/2010

Was planning to go away for long weekend, but change of plan, so decided to trade today. Both trades were off 5min timeframe, which is something I've been working on incorporating into my trading. I'll post some info in the My Strategy section when I get some time, but in general I am trading pullbacks in a trend and range breakouts. My watchlist will consist of stocks which have gapped, then subsequently are showing weak/strong behaviour relative to the general market.

COST (gap up)

After the gap up, stock was selling off despite the market holding it's own. Entry was on breakout of support on 5min chart. Since the previous day high was nearby, the trigger price was below that level as well. The candle marked is closing weak at it's low for the day and this is our short trigger.
Closed at 1R as it fell thru the prev day high.

HON (gap up)

Gap up stock which was trending up. The candle marked is an inside bar pullback with long tail and is our long trigger for breakout above current day's high. It got to within a couple of cents of 1R, so scaled out at breakeven, once it started reversing.

No other trades. Hope you did ok.

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אלכס דז'ורינסקי said...

Hi TraderAm,

You know it's very strange to see you working with 5 min' timeframe because you were my insparation to start working with 15 min' candles. Until then I worked only with 5 min'.

Don't you think that improving your original strategy with additional patterns by staying in the same timeframe, will be better idea?


TraderGH said...


TraderAm said...

Additional patterns on 15min ? ...maybe. I have looked into that, but couldn't really come up with much more than I already use which had same consisentcy in backtesting.
One obvious option is to look into a pre-market list rather than just gappers. So I may consider this.

If anyone has some suggestions, then they are most welcome.

The 5min offers more opportunities. I accept that there is more risk with using a lower timeframe, but we'll see how the experiment goes.
It's still in testing and backtesting phase with some live trading, so it is not by any means a completed change to my trading as yet.


The Average Jay said...

Looking at your trade charts I wanted to ask do you look back at the 15 or 30 min chart to see where the bigger S/R lines are? When I trade off the 5 I always place the trade and then back off to the longer time frame to control the trade. Nice job posting your charts it good to see how others trade. Keep up the good work.

TraderAm said...

Average Jay > I look on 15min chart for how stock is behaving relative to market before any entry. But once I enter a trade on 5min, I remain in that timeframe as far as trade management goes.