Monday, 12 July 2010

Trades 12/July/2010

Wasn't able to trade today due to work committments. Hope you did ok.


bl said...

Speaking of a Prmkt WL:msft emc klac sndk yhoo qcom stec were upped/initiated/changed which pumped some of the other high flyers: ffiv vmw cree brcm

bl said...

Part2. The one thing about have a Premkt WL, say with an Upgrade(or downgrade, etc) focus... everybody knows about it beforehand but no one knows which way the price will go. But there will be added interest.Of course the above are all from Tech and might react in the same way. Check out Notable Calls website...that is his focus.

bl said...

Part3, btw WMT was a good call by Barron's on 24/ A crowd at the open.