Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Trades 13/July/2010

CELG (move up thru prev day high)

Strong trend up and staying strong as market pulled back. Entry on 5min chart on breakout of horizontal resistance. Closed at +1R.

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Javi said...

Nice trade !!!
If you look at the dayly chart it just close a Dayly Gap at 52,90.
Do you still use the same volume parameter as in th 15" candles ?

TraderAm said...


My volume is as per 15min charts for my watchlist. I'm using 5m candles for entry.


bl said...

Premkt ideas: AA CSX NVLS-earnings
VVUS OREX-most% up. I traded SNDK at the close sold ah. INTC up 8% ah...will be interesting Wed for semies, SOXL