Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Trades 03/Aug/2010

WLP (move up thru prev day high)

Trending up then shallow pullback. Entry is on breakout of horizontal resistance. Closed partial once +1R reached then rest came back to breakeven.

P.S > I hear on grapevine that QuoteTracker's future is limited and in all likelyhood is going to be discontinued at some point. Shame really as it's a nice package with very reasonable costs.

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Tom T. said...

Hi can you clue us in on where to find more information on this potential shutdown of quotetracker. I am using it now and I am not sure where to go if this happens - what do you use?

The Average Jay said...

Nice trade.

TraderAm said...


Had an email from another trader about QT possible shutdown. So don't know full details. I currently use QT for my charts so would prefer to keep them.

There is a QuoteTracker forum for users. And a thread in there titled the future of QT. Looks like Jerry has left and future is uncertain. Although reading thru the thread there are some mixed messages, so maybe not as bad as first feared ?

Link to QT Forum: