Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Trades 04/Aug/2010

Wasn't able to trade today due to work committments.


RivTrader said...

Hi Trader Am,

What is this, is QT shutting down, I just resume my subs...

Manjot Singh said...

hey Trader AM, what charting application is this ?? the one with Traderworkstation on IB?

TraderAm said...

Hope I haven't worried people too much. And there seems to be some confusion.

Point 1. All charts (well about 95%) on this blog are using Quotetracker charts.

Point 2. I heard from another trader that Quotetracker may be being phased out. I came across a thread on the Qt Forum which also has some info on it.,1053.0.html

Now you know as much as me.

TraderAm said...


Quotetracker is charting application. But it needs to use a DataFeed to run its charts. For example you can use IB as a datafeed or DTN-IQ or there are number of others.