Friday, 20 August 2010

Trades 20/Aug/2010

AMP (gap down)

Trend down. Shorted on break to new low as market weakened. Didn't work out as planned and was stopped out.

LLY (move thru prev day low)

Trend down, went short on pull back and breakout to new low. Also didn't work out and was stopped for a loss.

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The Average Jay said...

Looks like if your trigger candle was the break of the 15 minute low you would have more winners. On all the charts that you have posted that were losses you could have been winners but your waiting to long to enter the trade and miss the move. Just an observation. Have a great weekend

bl said...

I had 24 premkt stocks from CRM INTU MENT to HPQ KIRK RIMM HIBB mostly eps types. These inplay stocks might do better. Might allow one to get into the market sooner

RivTrader said...

Nice entry! Given the market volatility last Friday, lots of shorts triggered but they reverses in the mid trading day. Put some shorts too but got stopped out, but reverses some and was able to finished flat...