Monday, 23 August 2010

Trades 23/Aug/2010

No Stock trading today.


Anonymous said...

Hi TraderAM,

Your blog is quite useful for me. Thanks a lot.
I also use the IB as my broker but I can not find the Gap scanner in the market scanner of IB tws. Anything I missed or IB has changed something in their TWS?

TraderAm said...

They are as follows:
Top Close-to-open %Gainers
Top Close-to-open %Losers

Anonymous said...

Thanks AM for your speedy feedback.
I find there's something wrong with my IB tws. I phoned IB service for troubleshooting and they told me that That's because I use the data source from esignal not from IB data source so that some parameters in the scanner is not available.
So what 's the data source you used in your IB TWS? Is the data source(level2) ordered from IB?

Thanks a lot. Hope you had good trading today.

TraderAm said...

Yes I use the DataSource from IB for my TWS session. I don't use Level2 though.