Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Brokers, Charts and Trading Tools

** Updated Nov 2014 **

I use Interactive brokers for all my trading.

I use NinjaTrader (with Kinetic datafeed) for my charts.

I use Jigsaw OrderFlow Tools to monitor order flow and tape reading.


Anonymous said...


Just curious as to why you do not use Tradestation for stock charts? TS should be configurable enough to produce any chart settings or features - right?

TraderAm said...

Hello Jim.

Yes Tradestation is configurable enough. It's just that I've got so used to QT that I find it easier on the eye.

In theory I could just have IB and TS and that would take care of all my charting, scanning and broker execution.

QT and DTN isn't that expensive at the moment, so not a major problem.

agnnis said...

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