Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Selecting Stocks.

** Updated Nov 2014 **

I use the following sources to select stocks which have had earnings / news and thus maybe in play for the current day:

  • Briefing.com
  • FinViz
  • RTT News

Form the above list, I am only interested in certain criteria which narrows stocks down further:
  • price between $15 and $100
  • 10-day average daily volume is greater than 750k 
  • the daily ATR is reasonable (say 50c min to $1 moves on typical day)
  • large gappers on the open are ignored (e.g over $4 move pre-market)
On some days the list is too large so needs to be filtered down to only look at the highest volume movers. On other days the list is too small and so some of the above criteria are relaxed a bit in an attempt to find some possible candiates. Usually I try to aim for a watchlist of around 10 to 15 stocks. That is normally enough to provide some decent setups.


agnnis said...

Thanks for this article learned lot regarding scanning earlie I wasn't aware of this.

Javier said...

Good to hear you will update your blog and sharing your strategy and trades.