Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Trades 07/Apr/2009

Found it quite tough today. Just two trades.

ADM (gap down)

Fall thru OR then retrace sideways along OR. The 7th is beraish off ema and closes weak as it breaks the OR. This is our short trigger. Initially it looked good, but then didn't really do much for rest of the day. Closed partial at 1R then rest at end of day.

CCL (gap down)

Bearish first and 2nd is off the OR low and closes weak. This is our trigger for a 2 bar break short. A bit of a riskier setup, but it can follow thru if the market is strong or weak. Not on this occasion though as it came back strong and stopped out for a loss.

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steve said...

I traded ADM 3rd bar. Any particular reason you did not? Thanks

TraderAm said...

Hello Steve.

2nd bar had a tail and 3rd didn't really close weak. So those two factors made it too risky for me.


TL said...

I notice you have volume and ATR on your charts. Do you use them to make entry/ exit decisions? Thanks.

TraderAm said...


Volume just to ensure that first candle is > 150k. The ATR is mostly for info really. I sometimes use it to set the stop a bit further away from entry candle if the stock has a high ATR.